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I have come across those who believe their actions won’t make a different; however, such thoughts are not true.  Things that you may believe are insignificant can actually make a world of a difference to someone else.  I have experienced such acts of kindness, and understand their importance.  A simple smile, a “thank you”, and opening the door for someone may all seem small, but those small actions can have the power to change someone’s outlook of that particular day or even someone’s life. 

Last week when we were fundraising in front of Kilwins, and all we did was ask for any extra small change anyone had on them.  People gave everything from pennies to a few dollars, but we raised $150.  However, about $25 of it came from pure coin change.  By itself, a penny or a quarter might not seem like much.  When people donated the small bits of change, they probably did not think it would make much of a difference, though together it became a very large sum.  Every single cent made a difference.

When you go through your day, remember: Every act you do, no matter how small, can and does make a difference in the lives of those around you.

-Member Deanna Oxner

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Dream Builders UCF