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"I am going to ask you all to take a short survey. It will take about thirty seconds of your time, and will have an amazing impact on your life. You don’t need a pen and paper, it’s just three simple questions.
Do you like schmoozing with connected people who can give you opportunities of lifetime?
Do you like helping out a child in need simply by eating a delicious burger?
Do you like eating good food?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then come out to Beth’s Burger Bar Saturday March 16thany time from 5:00- 9:00 pm. You’ll be donating to two great causes! Helping us grant a wish for Kaley, and helping your future!"

-Sam Levine
I have come across those who believe their actions won’t make a different; however, such thoughts are not true.  Things that you may believe are insignificant can actually make a world of a difference to someone else.  I have experienced such acts of kindness, and understand their importance.  A simple smile, a “thank you”, and opening the door for someone may all seem small, but those small actions can have the power to change someone’s outlook of that particular day or even someone’s life. 

Last week when we were fundraising in front of Kilwins, and all we did was ask for any extra small change anyone had on them.  People gave everything from pennies to a few dollars, but we raised $150.  However, about $25 of it came from pure coin change.  By itself, a penny or a quarter might not seem like much.  When people donated the small bits of change, they probably did not think it would make much of a difference, though together it became a very large sum.  Every single cent made a difference.

When you go through your day, remember: Every act you do, no matter how small, can and does make a difference in the lives of those around you.

-Member Deanna Oxner
Posted By Member Austin Sharpe, everyone needs a little encouragement here and there. 
This is just something that UCF students did that is a form of huge collaboration on campus. 
The Dream Builders have met Kaley for the first time. This was a great experience as we learned more into who we are helping grant a wish and meet the family as well as see the hardships the whole family must face during these tough times.

Team Tip #74: This Team Tip is inspired by Team Dream Builders! This service-learning team has already set up a Facebook account and a website. They found a website that is able to be hosted for free and are using it to update the community on ways to get involved and upcoming fundraisers!

Check it out! 
Dream builders is finally on the web. And we celebrate our accomplishment with Frozen Yogurt! 
January 31st, 2013 we will be at Ikiwi (Next to Grays Bookstore) for a partial proceeds night. Try to come out and support us on our cause!

Dream Builders UCF